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How Games and Grounds Coffee House came to be:

Once upon a time, there was a guy named Josh.  Josh held several different kinds of jobs after high school, but always felt that there was something 'more' that he wanted to do.  When his Fairy Godmother (ok, his parents/business partners) granted him one wish, he chose to open his own business... where fellow gamers could come in and play.  Mom Alex thought up the café part - thinking that it would be a good blend of services to have food and drink available for the gamers... which is how Games and Grounds Coffee House came to be.  Alex had a really cool job that she'd been doing for years, but during the planning stages of the business she decided that it was time to move on.  It took 3 months to get the business license, 6 months to build, and then it was open! 

Thanks to Peter Blackmore, handyman extraordinaire, for his honest hard work while allowing us to help him transform the (original) warehouse-like space to the cozy, warm atmosphere it morphed into.  Peter was a wonderfully patient teacher and guide!  Also helping us was Trevor, owner of Able Electric - who took on a monster of a job.  (after all, it was a bare space with not too much 'juice' in there, and our electrical needs were pretty high!)  Bill Ramsay did the drywall and dropped ceiling, jobs best left to the professionals, and last but not least, Dominic and the gang from Courtenay Plumbing fulfilled our water/plumbing requirements.  We highly endorse all these businesses!  When moving into our current location we used the services of these businesses once again!

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