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Regular Hourly Rates

prices shown do not include taxes 

Computer or Console (including Retro Gaming and Computers in Coffee Area)


Group Play on the Same Console:

1st Person:
2nd Person:
3rd & 4th People:
$1.50/hour each

Pool, Air Hockey & Foosball Table Rental

$4/hour or partial hour (this is not per person, it's for the table.)

Card/Board Games (a variety available on-site)

New - starting November 1st, 2016

$2/person (10am – 3pm) or $4/person (3pm+)

You can play any of the games we offer on-site (upon availability) for as long as you want to.  This fee will go directly towards purchasing new games for the game shelf. 

Try Before You Buy Shelf: if you purchase one of these after paying to play it (on the same day), you will get reimbursed these gaming fees.


Playing Your Games (bringing in your own, or playing RPG's, etc)

10am – 3pm

Each person pays $2 to ‘rent’ their space at a table

3pm +

Each person pays $4 to ‘rent’ their space at a table

 These fees do NOT apply to scheduled activities. Scheduled activities are FREE to attend with the purchase of food/drink. 

(scheduled activities are open to the public – not exclusive user groups)   

  • The fee allows you to play as long as you want on-site. 
  • Please note there is no outside food/drink allowed on the premises (including at our outside seating, front or back).  We encourage you to enjoy the awesome food and beverages we offer on-site.   
  • If you leave the building your table space is forfeit. (Doesn’t include going out for a smoke.)

Giving Back to our Community

Community groups accessing our space to connect and socialize are exempt.


For more information or if you have any questions, call us at 250.871.1171 or email.

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