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Party Gaming Options

As of November 2015, we moved into our new location (331 - 4th Street, downtown Courtenay) so we now have more room and more things to do for a party.  We can build a party to suit your group, depending on the amount of participants, their ages, and what kinds of gaming you want them to access.  Please view the chart below for description and details of options.  Pictures of each are below the chart.

As mentioned on Party Info Page, parties for 6 year olds will only be 1 hour in length, and parties for 7 year olds can be 1 to 1-1/2hrs.  Unless you choose 'table top gaming' as your option, these parties will be held only in the Console Room.    If you're having a family party with multiple ages (including multiple adults for supervision) then these constraints are not applicable.






Console Room

3 console gaming stations

Choice of:

  • Wii (2 avail)
  • XBox360 (3 avail)
  • PS3 (3 avail)

Seating allows for 5 adults or 6-7 children

In the back of the store, exclusively for the 3 stations

2 comfy couches (2 & 3 seaters)

Retro (Console) Gaming Area

2 retro gaming stations,

  •   (2) Super Nintendo
  • (1) ‘Original’ Nintendo

Current options allow for a total of up to 5 players

At the front of the store by the entrance

1 comfy couch

Chairs can be brought over to accommodate the number of participants

A variety of games for each system

Computer Room


Access of up to 10 Excellent gaming computers.

Extra programs will not be loaded onto the systems for party participants.


1 option =

1 – 5 computers


2 options =

6 – 10 computers


At the back of the store behind the retail area. 

Exclusive for computer use.

2 rows of 5 computers

Computer chairs


Users MUST be able to access their own gaming account or have a working knowledge of accessible on-line games (such as yahoo games)

Tekken2 Arcade Machine

Arcade machine

1 or 2 player game

In the retail area

This machine is FREE to customers, but can be reserved for ‘exclusive’ use by party participants

Air Hockey Table

Air Hockey

2 players

In the middle section of the store

Although there is no age restriction on this option we suggest that you pair players so that younger (shorter) players don’t get hit in the face with a flying disc when someone is ‘too exuberant’!    

Pool Table

Minimum age of 10yrs old


1+ players

No restriction to # of players

In the middle section of the store

Children must have direct supervision by a parent at all times.       

Table Top Gaming

- Board games

- Card games

(we have a shelf of games)

- Tables available for miniatures (bring your own)

- Tables available for RPG’s

No restriction to # of players

Each table = 1 option

Tables are typically in the retail area of the store

There can be 2 tables set aside in the ‘quiet area’ in the back of the store

Staff is not available to instruct or set up games.

Parents are responsible to ensure games are packed up and returned to the game shelf.

  Console Room


Console Room - 3 Stations   Console Room - 2 Comfy Couches


Retro Console Game Play


  Retro Console Gaming 1         Retro Console Gaming front view


Computer Room

Computer Room - 1 wall of new computers





Arcade Machine


Tekken2 Arcade Machine


  Air Hockey Table


Air Hockey Table


  Pool Table


  Pool Table

 It is out in the larger area, and there is an age restriction on this of 10 years old for parties. 


 Adult supervision is required for this option.



Table Top Gaming (Tables)

We can Gaming Tables in General Gaming Area set aside a table/tables for a party, in the general gaming area.  Party participants may choose the games from our Game Shelves, obviously age appropriate. Game Shelves
This play option is great, but please note that our staff cannot instruct participants on games, so it may require a parent/guardian to assist with rules for games that are not familiar to the children/youth.  We also ask that parents/guardians make sure that games are put back into their boxes properly, and returned to the game shelf prior to choosing another game.  You are also welcome to bring your own games in to play, please advise staff if you are doing this!

This area also has space to play RPG's, or tables for miniature gaming.  It really depends on what your group is interested in playing - but we definitely have the space to provide a variety of gaming experiences for you!  Please note that we do not have any equipment for these types of games... so your group would have to bring in what is required.  We do have table tops and scenery that can be used, however.

 Also available is the 'quiet area' - where there is enough space for 2 tables.  A great option for keeping children 'contained' in one area... or also a great spot for those doing an RPG that requires a more private location. 






 In addition to the Gaming Area, we also have a

Coffee Area

Coffee Room (note Game shelves!)


This area is to the left when you enter the business.  The Coffee Area provides tables for patrons to enjoy our tasty food and drink.

For those adults who are staying while their children attend a party, you are welcome to sit in this area and enjoy our fare.  Note that the parent of the 'birthday' child is responsible for overseeing the party participants.  For older groups the parent can certainly enjoy some free time in this area, as well.

This area also has a child's play area (pictured below) - making it very family friendly!  Parents must supervise their children at all times to ensure their safety, and the comfort and safety of all our other customers, too.

Children's Play Area (in the Coffee Area)  

In the nicer weather we will have tables outside, which will provide a fresh-air option for customers... which will be nice for those with pets out for a walk. 


Fundraiser?  Our business is a fun place to hold one.


Party Packages

Party Reservation Form

Children - Supervision and Gaming Info

  Food and Drink:

 With the exception of birthday cakes, outside food and drink are not permitted.  Party/function participants are welcome to enjoy the food and beverages we offer on-site.  For more information about what we offer, we can provide a menu upon request. 

  Please Note:  You are always welcome to take your chance in coming in with your group and paying regular rates to access gaming.  However, we offer gaming on a first-come, first-served basis so there may be a chance that there aren’t enough gaming stations available.  With party reservations you are assured that your whole group can be accommodated, and can play in the same room as a group.

For more information :  call 250-871-1171 OR email us .  We look forward to hearing from you

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