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Games and Grounds offers Set 'Party Packages’.  We require a minimum of 2 weeks notice for a party booking.

Party Packages include:

  • gaming option that suits your group
  • ‘additional time’ for presents, food + cake (Parents to bring cake)
  • Gaming coupon for participants & birthday person
  • food/drink as indicated below

Party packages are available starting at a 1 hour package, and charge a minimum rate that covers up to 8 participants.  If you have less than 8 participants the charge is still the same. 

If you are uncertain if you will have more than 8 participants we can be flexible by charging you for them on the day of the party.  However you must make us aware of the possibility of extra participants 24 hours in advance so we can ensure we have enough food for them.


1 hour

1.5 hours

2 hours

3 hours

4 hours



1 hour

1-1/2 hrs

2-1/2 hrs

3-1/2 hrs

Additional Time for food, cake & present opening


30 min

30 min

30 min

30 min


Bag of chips

Hot dog,

bag of chips

Hot dog,

bag of chips


bag of chips


bag of chips


Can pop or juice box

Can pop or juice box

Can pop or juice box

Bottle of pop

Bottle of pop


BOGO coupon

BOGO coupon

BOGO coupon

BOGO coupon

BOGO coupon

B’day person

1 hr free coupon

1 hr free coupon

1 hr free coupon

1 hr free coupon

1 hr free coupon

Cost for up to 8 participants






Additional Per Person Charge:







What Kind of Play is Included in the Party?

We can work with you to build a party with the option that will suit your group personally.   What you can choose will depend on the number of participants, and their ages.


Gaming Options:

Option Name

Types of Gaming

# of Participants


More Info

Console & Retro Console Room

(total of 5 gaming stations)

3 console gaming stations where we set up any combination of the following:

Choice of: 2 Wii, 3 Xbox 360’s or 3 PS3’s.

2 retro gaming stations (ask us what we have currently)

Seating allows for 5 adults or 6-8 children




2 – 4 players

In the back of the store. 

The area is set up exclusively for the 5 stations

3 comfy couches (2 & 3 seaters)


There is a washroom located in this area that is open to all store customers.

Computer Room


Access of up to 10 excellent gaming computers.

Extra programs will not be loaded onto the systems for party participants.

# of participants equals the  # of computers available for the party


The computers are in their own room.

If there are vacant computers they may be accessed by store customers

2 rows of 5 computers

Computer chairs

 Users MUST be able to access their own gaming account or have a working knowledge of accessible on-line games (such as yahoo games)

Table Top Gaming


See below for types

See below

The table top gaming tables are located in the general area of the store, there is no private room for them.

Staff is not available to instruct or set up games.

Parents are responsible for overseeing the gaming, up to age 11 and to ensure store’s games are packed up ‘properly’ and returned to the game shelf.

Board & Card Games

Bring your own or access some from our lending shelves

No restriction to # of players for a party.  Typically 1 table seats 4 – 6 players, depending on the type of game being played


Miniature Gaming

Bring your own mini’s, we have a number of different plywood tabletops available

No restriction to # of players for a party.  We can set up 2 or 3 tables for a party depending on # of participants



Bring your own, play your own

No restriction to # of players for a party. 

In general area, or see ‘more info’

If you need a quiet space then we can use the computer room.  Maximum #’s would apply in this case, as space is limited.


 You can expect our G&G staff to

  • set up and change console games as required (within reason… we reserve the right to limit game changes)
  • set up table & chairs for your chosen type of tabletop gaming and for food/cake time
  • prepare and provide food/drinks

Parent/guardian(s) are expected to provide adequate supervision of children

Food and Drink:

With the exception of birthday/celebration cakes, outside food and drinks are not permitted.  Party/function participants wanting more than party offerings are welcome to enjoy the food and beverages we offer on-site.  For more information about what else we offer, please ask. Participants are always welcome to bring their own personal water bottles.

For more info: call 250-871-1171 or email us!  We look forward to hearing from you.


Children - Supervision and Gaming Info


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For more information or if you have any questions, call us at 250.871.1171 or email.

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