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Children - Supervision & Gaming Info

Supervision of Children/Youth:

Adults holding parties with children/youth in attendance must supervise the party participants, but are also welcome to enjoy a cup of coffee or other beverage in the coffee room!  Depending on the age and activity level of the party participants, you may even bring a book and actually enjoy a bit of quiet time.  If you have other children with you who are not attending the party, we have board and card games in the coffee room, or for even younger children there are a limited amount of toys in our small child’s play area.  Children in the coffee room must be supervised carefully as there are hot beverages that could injure people... and since it's right beside our retail area, there is also retail merchandise that should remain in saleable condition! 

Game Ratings and Children/Youth:

Games and Grounds Coffee House supports the Entertainment Software Review Board’s (ESRB) rating system for games.  The ESRB has established a rating system, which classifies age groups.  Games and Grounds enforces these standards unless we receive direction otherwise, from the parent or legal guardian. 

For a party you will be responsible for providing either a) or b) below

a) a Parent-Guardian Consent Form for Party Participation form from parents of those children/youth attending the party - signed and indicating their permission for which age rating they will allow their child/youth to access.  If a child/youth does not have a parent permission form then they MUST play only at their age level.  To ensure that a child/youth is not subject to material above their designated rating all games played during the party must represent the lowest ESRB rating of the group. 

b)  a Blanket Consent Form for Party Participation instead, signed by the parent who booked the party (taking responsibility of the permission of ESRB rating access for children/youth in your group).   We recommend using this if you are familiar with all parents' wishes regarding ESRB rating access.

Party Participation Consent forms are ONLY good for the party it is signed for.  Parents who wish to provide Games and Grounds with a permanent consent form should use the Parent-Guardian Consent Form.  This form can be ammended by a parent to indicate any changes at any time!  

The adult in charge of the party is responsible for making sure that all children/youth know and understand the 'house' rules.  Please see Rules Form to view.

For more information or if you have any questions, call us at 250.871.1171 or email.


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