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Games and Grounds Coffee House rules have been established to support our goal to provide a high-quality, clean and safe environment where all may enjoy internet usage, gaming, café services and socializing to the fullest.  We strongly encourage and appreciate your cooperation.  Any customer accessing computer/console gaming services will be required to sign our Rules Form.  For your convenience you can download and print this form to bring in with you, or access the form on-site.  Adults hosting a party with children/youth are responsible for advising all participants of these rules, and enforcing these rules as required.

 For our membership forms, please visit Membership page

☺   For children/youth under the age of 18 years:  Games and Grounds follows ESRB rating systems. You must have parental consent to use our equipment for games or other computer usage above your age rating.

(Note: Parent-Guardian Consent Form available to print, fill out and bring in)   

For parental consent for parties you have 2 choices  1) have the parent that is hosting the party sign a Blanket consent form for all the children/youth attending OR

2)  please use this form: Parent-Guardian Consent Form for Party Participation form

☺   NO child under the age of 12 is permitted to use computers/consoles on the premises without supervision.

☺   Games and Grounds reserves the right to refuse service to anyone - for any reason!

☺   Games and Grounds is NOT responsible for lost or stolen items.

☺   All gaming is “pre-pay”.  Absolutely no credit shall be extended.

☺   You may not ‘reserve’ gaming or computer stations or ‘save’ a station for a friend (except as authorized for special events).  All services are “first come, first served”.

☺   No Alcohol or Drugs - If you bring drugs or alcohol on the premises you will be asked to leave.

☺   No smoking - you are not allowed to smoke anywhere on the premises or within 3 meters of the front door.  There is an assigned smoking area outside.  Please use your discretion if there is a breeze that may blow smoke into our open doors!  Please dispose of butts in proper receptacles. 

☺   No loitering outside - Come in, or leave the premises.

☺   No outside food or drinks allowed - beverages, snacks and light meals are available in the café.  Other food may be brought in if discussed with and approved by management. (birthday cakes, for example)

☺   No profanity - this includes language offensive to people’s race, religion, sex and sexual orientation.

☺   No fighting.

☺   No verbally or physically abusive behaviour will be tolerated.

☺   No shoes on furniture surfaces.

☺   No sitting on counters or tables.

☺   You break it. You buy it.  Negligent damage to Games and Grounds property and/or failure to return Games and Grounds-owned equipment can cost you the value of the damaged/lost property and the loss of Games and Grounds privileges.  Failure by you or your parent or legal guardian to pay damages or intentional damage to Games and Grounds property will lead to civil or criminal prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

☺   If you spill something, let us know immediately - it needs to be cleaned up before damage is done. 

☺   Use the garbage cans and recycling containers provided - don’t leave your garbage around the computer and gaming stations. Please dispose of gum properly!

☺   No violation of copyright or other laws and ordinances - pertaining to console or computer usage.

☺   No cheating - i.e. using unauthorized scripts, configurations or any other types of cheats.

☺   No hacking - if we find anyone attempting to hack into any computer, switches or other equipment on the Games and Grounds network, they will be evicted and banned.

☺   No pornography or viewing of inappropriate, illegal or hate-related websites.  Violators will be banned! NO exceptions.

☺   Do not let anyone else play on your account - not everyone is allowed the same level of game access.  If we find that you have allowed a person with less access than you to play on your account, you will both be suspended from play (time to be determined).

☺   No personal gaming equipment - will be brought in and/or used in Games and Grounds, unless otherwise arranged... however you may bring your own games from home (not burned).  Staff must be advised upon your arrival so it can be clearly marked.

☺   If banned for life - no financial reimbursement will be provided for any time remaining on any membership, passes or packages you have purchased.


For more information or if you have any questions, call us at 250.871.1171 or email.


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