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Dungeons and Dragons (we get these from Wizards of the Coast as well as from the distributors mentioned below)

  • Advanced D&D Dungeon Master Guide - 2nd Edition
  • Advanced D&D Player's Handbook - 2nd Edition
  • Advanced D&D Monstrous Manual - 2nd Edition
  • Advanced D&D Dungeon Masters Guide - Limited Edition
  • Advanced D&D Players Handbook - Limited Edition
  • Advanced D&D Monster Manual - Limited Edition
  • Monster Manual - 4th Edition
  • Monster Manual 2 - 4th Edition
  • Monster Manual 3 - 4th Edition
  • D&D Inn Fighting Dice Game
  • D&D White Box (deluxe premium reprint)
  • Miniatures
  • Games and Accessories
  • Adventures and Tiles
  • Fogotten Realms/Neverwinter Campaign Setting
  • Eberron Campaign Setting
  • Dark Sun Campaign Setting
  • Gamma World


Pathfinders (search Paizo on distributor's website below)

  • Pathfinders Beginners Box

Viewing our Distributor's Websites for product - Email us with your request or inquiry!

If you are interested in viewing our distributors' websites to see what may be available, please visit Lion Rampant or Universal DistributionYou can 'search' for items (although sometimes they are difficult to find - try different key words). 

If you want to know more about an item...

  • for Lion Rampant you can click on their product code.  This will take you to a description of the item and in most cases, a picture of it. 
  • for Universal Dist you can click on the product name.  Sometimes there's a picture and description, sometimes not. 

If there is something specific you want, we can find out if it's available once we put it in our shopping cart (Lion Rampant) or by calling our rep (Universal Dist).  Please email us with your request or inquiry and include the following information:

  • product name
  • product code (IMPORTANT: Please tell us which distributor you are getting this information from)
  • amount of the item that you would like (unless you need to know a price before ordering)
  • Note that all colors may not be available - let us know of any other color that would be acceptable should the color you want not be available

Feel free to cut and paste for ease and to ensure there are no errors with the information. 

We will respond to your inquiry/request and let you know if your item(s) are available, and details including colors availabe (if applicable), and price.   Prior to actually placing the order for your item(s) we will require confirmation from you that you DO want it, and full payment for your order.  Our distributor requires a minimum order from us, so it may take a week or two before we're able to place an order.  It really just depends on timing. 

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