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Games and Grounds moved from our original location to our current location: 343 4th Street in downtown Courtenay.  We love this 'new' space! 



In the past we have offered InCON, but it was too much for us to do and we now happily endorse CoVaCon as a local 'geek' convention!

We also love MosaiCON which is held down in Nanaimo.

PLUS   Here's information about a cool bunch of tournaments called Kippers Melee.   This is another yearly event happening on Vancouver Island. 

Hey!  Did you know that we do parties


Computer Services

WiFi:  Café customers can enjoy free WiFi service with food/beverage purchases.   There is a password for the wifi.

Computer/Internet Access:  In the Computer Room we have 9 gaming computers with internet access available.  Although they are gaming capable, customers are welcome to use them to access like email, FB or surf the web for info. Computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  The only exceptions to accessing a computer are: if we're running a tournament or game day/night where the computers have to be prepped and available at a certain time OR if the computer room has been booked for a party.  See Rates for all pricing options.  Please note that we do not allow viewing of 'inappropriate' sites and reserve the right to stop customers from using our computers for this purpose.  This includes but is not limited to sex sights / predator sites.

Gaming Services

Computer Games
:  Games and Grounds Coffee House provides computers with internet access and excellent gaming capabilities.  There are some games loaded on the computers.  If you want to download something, please ask.  If you're coming in to game, you must have your own gaming account (example: Steam) as these are not provided.

Console Games:  We offer access to gaming on PS3, XBox 360 as well as the popular 'active' consoles - Wii, PS3 Move and Xbox 360 Kinect.   We'll also have a 'retro' gaming area with a number of different consoles to play.

Card and Board Games: Customers are welcome to play any of the games that we have on-site, or even bring your own from home.  Rates for playing on-site are $2/person before 3pm and $4/person after 3pm.  We are a sanctioned location for Magic The Gathering and hold many casual and organized play opportunities.  Magic players are exempt from the table fees, as per agreement with WOC.

RPG's:  We offer space to have specific groups meet to play, see rates above. 

Retail Items:  Board & card games, RPG items, gaming supplies (example: dice, dice bags, card sleeves, deck boxes, and MORE!)

Don't see what you want?  We will try our best to order in a game or gaming item that you want.  You can phone, email or come in to request this.  A link to your specific item is often helpful to ensure we're looking for the correct product.

Gaming Activities:  We run monthly activities that provide opportunities for all types of gamers, from tournaments and drafts, to fun interactive console gaming groups, and even a board gamin' night run by several of our wonderful customers.  Check out our monthly Activity Calendar for details.    

A good place to connect up with other gamers is our Facebook page (click on FB logo at top of page).

Please visit our Hours page for current hours. 

For more information or if you have any questions, call us at 250.871.1171 or email.

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