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Board, Card and 'Other' Games - Playtime

How cliché is it to say "people just don't play games as much as they used to"?  Well... we have a venue that promotes playtime!

Available for customers in the 'Coffee Room' are a variety of card and board games.  Or you can bring your own from home.  Please feel free to sit and play while you're enjoying your beverage and snack or meal.  Time limits may be enforced if new customers require a table.

We have scheduled playtime each month, so check our Activity Calendar to see what's happening! 

Gaming Groups

Are you involved with a 'gaming group'?  We'd love to host game time for you!  Either rent room space or just be food/drink customers, let's talk about which option works best for your group.  We have heard some people call themselves 'geeks', because they like playing certain games, whether it's card, board, or computer/console.  Well, we embrace geeks!  Yes, we LOVE you!  Come on in and check us out, you won't be disappointed  :)  


Planned Game Activity Nights

Do you want to access planned nights, without the commitment of joining a gaming group?  Want to meet new people?  Want to meet your friends and do something 'fun' and 'different'?  Check our Activity Calendar to see what's happening.  We will be asking folks to bring in their favourite games to introduce other people to them.  If you're interested in sharing your favourite games and your knowledge of how to play them, let us know!  email us


For more information or if you have any questions, call us at 250.871.1171 or email.

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