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Discount Rate Times

prices shown do not include taxes

These regularly scheduled 'Discount Rate Times' offer a discount from our regular hourly rates for computer and console game play.

All Day Gaming Pass

On holidays?  Have more spare time right now?  We're offering these ridiculously inexpensive rates for those wanting to game 'hard core' for a day. 
Or let's face it - for those who game lots all the time.  But hey - at least you can come in to a more social setting than your home... and connect to more than a computer or console... or the internet. 
Yes, there's real people here gaming, and we've seen people actually talk about the games they play, strategies, characters, etc.

Members:  $10 + tax
Non-Members: $15 + tax

Family Game Time   Tuesdays 4-8pm (check our Activity Calendar to make sure it's a go every week)

  • $5.00/family per hour

This special time is available for all types of families and family group dynamics... ( parent(s) and child/ren; couples; siblings*)  *Parent(s) or guardian must accompany children under 12 yrs old.

It has been created to provide customers with a family-friendly atmosphere that promotes time together. 

In order to get the family rate your 'family' MUST play together - not play in different rooms or on different games!


Computer or Console Tournament Play (typically Fridays or Saturdays)   (can be up to 8 hours)         

Prices for tournament play vary and depend on type and length of tournament & value of prizes offered

  • Members:                     starting at $10.00
  • Non-members:             starting at $15.00

For more information or if you have any questions, call us at 250.871.1171 or email.

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