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Party & Event Services

Leave your house clean and quiet and have your party at Games and Grounds!  We offer a comfortable, casual space for all kinds of parties, such as...

  • birthday parties
  • group/team parties
  • staff parties
  • fundraisers
  • and even for a meeting space with a 'side of fun'!

Booking ahead is required - a minimum of 2 weeks in advance.  Events for larger groups require 3 weeks notice.  There is a minimum charge for a party - which includes up to 8 participants.  If you have less, the charge is still the same.

Want to host a private party that runs 'after hours'?  Contact us for more information.

Limitations with Certain Ages:

The minimum age for 2 hour (typically birthday) parties is 8 years old.  (A few of the participants may be younger, as long as there is adequate adult supervision.)

Younger children:  We want to make sure that your child has a fun and memorable time celebrating their birthday (or other event). 

Children ages 5 & 6 may experience frustration with certain games, if they don't experience success with them.  It can also be a hard time socially to share, take turns or feel that they are included with the group. 

Should you wish to have a party for a child these ages, we will offer a 1 hour party only.  It is quick and includes 45 minutes of playing, with the other 15 minutes dedicated to the cake and presents.   We also will limit the group size to 5 participants for 5-year-olds or 6 participants for 6-year-olds, including the birthday person, and ask that 2 adults be present to monitor the group dynamics. 

Children 7 years old typically have a more tolerant attitude for taking turns, but still may have difficulty with mastering some of the games and managing themselves in a group situation for a long time.  For this age group we will offer either a 1 hour or a 1-1/2 hour party.  The maximum group size can be 7 participants, including the birthday person.  For this age we require one adult be present to monitor the group dynamics.  

Note that there is no price break when you have under 8 participants, however the food and drink supplied will be for 8, allowing the adults to partake if they wish.  Unless you are playing table top games, these parties will be held in the console room exclusively.  This provides a smaller more intimate setting where the parent has an easier time monitoring the group. 


Food and Drink:

With the exception of birthday cakes, outside food and drink are not permitted.  Party participants and their parents (who are staying on-site) are welcome to enjoy the food and beverages we offer on-site.  Please let us know who is responsible for the cost of these items (them, or you)  For more information about what we offer, we can provide a menu upon request.   GF and vegetarian options are available.

Please Note:  You are always welcome to take your chance in coming in with your group and paying regular rates to access gaming.  However, we offer gaming on a first-come, first-served basis so there may be a chance that there aren’t enough gaming stations available.  With party reservations you are assured that your whole group can be accommodated and that the gaming option(s) you want will be available for you.

For more info: call 250-871-1171 or email us!  We look forward to hearing from you.

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For more information or if you have any questions, call us at 250.871.1171 or email.

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