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Party & Event Services

Leave your house clean and quiet and have your party at Games and Grounds!  We offer a comfortable, casual space for all kinds of parties, such as...

  • birthday parties
  • group/team parties
  • staff parties
  • fundraisers
  • and even for a meeting space with a 'side of fun'!

 Booking ahead is required.  Events for larger groups requiring more than 1 room are available, including use of the entire space.  There is a minimum charge for a party - which includes up to 8 children.  If you have less, the charge is still the same.

Want to host a private party that runs 'after hours'?  Contact us for more information.

Limitations with Certain Ages:

We want to make sure that your child has a fun and memorable time celebrating their birthday (or other event).  Children ages 5 & 6 may experience frustration with certain games, if they don't experience success with them.  It can also be a hard time socially to share, take turns or feel that they are included with the group. 

Should you wish to have a party for a child this age, we recommend a 1 hour party only.  It is quick and includes 45 minutes of playing, with the other 15 minutes dedicated to the cake and presents.   We also recommend limiting a group size of 5 participants for 5-year-olds or 6 participants for 6-year-olds, including the birthday person, and that 2 adults be present to monitor the group dynamics.  Note that there is no price break if you have under 8 participants, however the food and drink supplied will be for 8, allowing the adults to partake if they wish.  


Food and Drink:

With the exception of birthday cakes, outside food and drink are not permitted.  Party participants are welcome to enjoy the food and beverages we offer on-site.  For more information about what we offer, we can provide a menu upon request. 

Please Note:  You are always welcome to take your chance in coming in with your group and paying regular rates to access gaming.  However, we offer gaming on a first-come, first-served basis so there may be a chance that there aren’t enough gaming stations available.  With party reservations you are assured that your whole group can be accommodated, and can play in the same room as a group.

For more info: call 250-871-1171 or email us!  We look forward to hearing from you.

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For more information or if you have any questions, call us at 250.871.1171 or email.



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