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The specific room or rooms that would work best for your group will depend on the types of games or activity you want to access and the number of people in your group.  For birthday/parties the Tournament and Computer Rooms are available.  Birthday/parties booked include the cost of the room (same charge for which ever room you need).  For other events, you rent what will work for you!  We also have a certain amount of flexibility to move furniture around to suit your group. 

The Interactive Games Room

Party Room


This room is no longer available for birthday parties because it doesn't offer group console game play any more.

This room has space to play RPG's, or set up tables for miniature gaming.  We currently have 2 'rustic' 4x4 tops to play Warhammer/40K on.   (Thanks to John and his buds for dressing up these tables for us!)  The room is located at the back end of the business - it's a more private/quiet space to use, perfect for this type of gaming. 

This room also has a television, with access to the internet.  Perfect for several different kinds of activities: watching a movie, hooking up a computer to view presentations, or playing one of the interactive gaming consoles (Kinect, Move or Wii). 

Previously this room had 3 televisions, however we chose to change the usage of the room to accomodate a more varied selection of gaming options.  It used to be called 'the party room'.  The picture shown doesn't show what it looks like now... this room is currently in transition.

The Computer Room

Computer & Console Play in Computer Room




...has 5 computer stations and 3 console gaming stations.

A great blend of options for a group of gamers.

Please be aware that customers may need their own accounts to play certain games on the computers.

 The Tournament Room

 Tournament Room

...has 6 console gaming stations with comfortable couches and chairs for a great gaming experience. 

Participants can play on a console alone or with others…

Foldout chairs can be added to the room to accomodate more players.





In addition to the Interactive Games Room, Tournament Room and Computer Room we have a

Coffee Room and Gaming Area

Coffee Room and Gaming Area - view from entrance




...with seating for about 30 people.  We can add tables to accomodate tournaments and groups. 

This room is right beside the barista area, so ordering food and drink is very convenient!

In the nicer weather we can open up our 'garage door' and let the fresh air and sunshine in. 

It opens up onto our outdoor patio, where there are tables and umbrellas for even more seating.


For those interested in booking the full facility: there are 2 shelves full of board and card games which are available for those not into computer or console gaming.

Fundraiser?  Our business is a fun place to hold one.


Room Rentals

Party Packages

Party Reservation Form

Children - Supervision and Gaming Info

 Food and Drink:

 With the exception of birthday cakes, outside food and drink are not permitted.  Party/function participants are welcome to enjoy the food and beverages we offer on-site.  For more information about what we offer, we can provide a menu upon request. 

 Please Note:  You are always welcome to take your chance in coming in with your group and paying regular rates to access gaming.  However, we offer gaming on a first-come, first-served basis so there may be a chance that there aren’t enough gaming stations available.  With party reservations you are assured that your whole group can be accommodated, and can play in the same room as a group.

For more information:  call 250-871-1171 OR email us.  We look forward to hearing from you

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